Unix Consulting

We pride ourselves in our understanding of the UNIX operating system. Our employees have played an integral role in the development of the UNIX operating system since the early 1980's. Our motto of "We know UNIX, because we helped write UNIX" is accurate. All of our UNIX specialists have worked on the development of UNIX, and each has a minimum of a decade of UNIX experience.

Our team originated from some of the finest UNIX development houses in existence. Many of them spent their early years in the UNIX Development Group at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where they worked on the development of UNIX System V Release 2 through UNIX system V Release 4. Others have worked in the UNIX development groups at Hewlett Packard, and The Santa Cruz Operation.

Our staff is published regularly, and has been for many years. Our articles have appeared in numerous publications including: Unix Review, Sys Admin, LAN Times, and SCO World. We currently write the Administrator's Only column in SCO World magazine.

If you require unsurpassed expertise in System Administration, Capacity Planning, Education, Performance analysis, System Monitoring, or custom software development then contact EHR3 & Associates.